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When you combine your own values of trust, beauty, passion, and joy with your imagination and a will to collaborate it creates an environment allowing you to achieve. At Music Mentors International (MMI) we provide mentors and teachers to assist you in identifying the basic principals of achievement. This highly subjective notion is not one that is easily measured. Each of us has our own personal definition of the term as well as how it can or should be reached. The secret to success in this regard is to define achievement in terms of what is required by each of the people with whom we work.   


At MMI we have a methodology that is based on the latest research and common practice. We have assessment tools to evaluate achievement and to identify why programs or individuals are not achieving their greatest potential. Through formative and summative assessment tools we can position you for success. Hundreds of those we have already helped have thanked us for guiding them in this singular aspect of what we can all achieve.

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