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I liked the team teaching approach that Dale brought to my classroom. Dale actually does what he tells us to do with our teaching. It was great to see him greet each student and then make sure he said something to each one on the way out of the class.
                      Will Irwin

Dr. Lonis has an uncanny ability to connect directly and immediately with students. t's like he can see their souls! This allows him to get an incredible amount of music out of students!       Mark Friesen


The kids appreciated the detail Dale went into, and the depth to which he explored topics, particularly tone and intonation! It changed our group’s awareness and sound.        Katrina Archer

Students really enjoyed the actions that Dale uses to teach concepts. They now know what we want just by using the actions. We, the teachers, enjoyed the feedback and debriefing session that we had afterward. We could ask questions, get pointers and fine tune some of the strategies.  

               David Siemens

Alberta Residencies - Teachers' Thoughts

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