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Assessment Coaching

Value and Transfer™ Assessment Model

Assessment—Moving from Teacher-Centred to Learner-Centred

Critical to student success is engaging students in the assessment process. Both formative and summative assessment techniques must be used to effectively assess and evaluate teaching, learning and achievement.


Formative Assessment Coaching

Getting students involved in the assessment process increases their valuing of the learning journey. Once students value what they are learning, they are far more likely to transfer what they have learned to the next challenge or application.


Evaluating the Learning Process 

Summative assessment at the end of a learning cycle is critically important to the entire process of learning and achieving. Moving students from being extrinsically motivated to intrinsically motivated is key to their success.


Let Us Help You

The Music Mentors International team can assist you in understanding and constructing the right assessment and evaluation tools for your:

  • General Music Classrooms

  • Choir, Band and Orchestra Ensemble achievment

  • Choir, Band and Orchestra Individual student achievement

  • University Classrooms (Undergraduate and Graduate 

      Level Coursework)​


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