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Jacob Collier

Live from Lincoln Hall
Close to You

Jacob Collier

One Concept
Five Levels of Difficulty

Time to Fly


We are pleased to profile Time To Fly, a song written by Sackville High School Advanced Music students in partnership with professional musicians and producers from the community. Implementing student-centred learning models which inspire students to develop their skills and passion to find their own voices in music and in life - we see this as everything Music Mentors International stands for.

"Music Is My Life"

Congratulations to 11-year old Cruz Wilson, a grade 6 singer-songwriter from Sydney, Nova Scotia with a passion for music. A group of talented music teachers worked with Cruz to create a video of his song featuring the composer himself and his choir and beginner band classmates.


Music teachers, we urge you to watch this video - it is a glorious affirmation of the importance of the work we do with students everyday in our music classrooms!

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