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Cheryl Ferguson, Manitoba

Music Teacher

Working with Ardith Haley has been one of the most invigorating, life-giving experiences in my career. She inspires people and encourages the stretching of one’s creative capacity towards growing as a professional. Ardith is a unique and special mentor – she demonstrates sincere care for the individual while still focusing on the pursuit of excellence.

I always find it interesting that as music teachers we already teach the students some of the ideas that Dr. Lonis shared. However, when the students hear it from a guest clinician or adjudicator, it really makes the students realize that these concepts are very important to their musical success, and they strive to incorporate them in their playing even more. The reinforcement of ideas from clinicians obviously has a lot of merit. I think that over time, students tune out their everyday teacher, and they need a “fresh” face to remind them about the importance of these concepts.

Ken Howattson, Nova Scotia

Music Teacher

Ronit Berman, Jerusalem

Artistic Director

We feel so blessed to have Dr. Lonis as our mentor here in Israel He brings the orchestra's players a rare combination of world class professionalism together with unique human qualities - warmth, charisma, creativity and so many years of experience. He comes from far away but we feel he is part of our family, and part of our success in offering the best opportunities for the young musicians of Jerusalem.   

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