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Collaboration is essential to growth and success in any environment. This requires learning how to communicate effectively with the others with whom we work as well as those in our charge. In music, soloists are exciting and essential to the success of certain settings. However, even the soloist must work in collaboration with the rest of the ensemble in order to create beauty and a successful performance. The soloist must communicate with the maestro and the members of the ensemble to create a sense of unity and passion.


We at Music Mentors International (MMI) believe that the best way to learn and succeed is through a highly collaborative process. We individualize every aspect of what we offer while creating cohorts to maximize the power of collaboration. We believe in creating a sense of community and shared goals as we teach others how to do the same. At MMI we offer a unique, research-based way of organizing and delivering information that can be efficiently and effectively grasped and then replicated for success. We become part of your team to help you build a strong community in your own setting.

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