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Dina Burtt, Nova Scotia

Music Teacher

Dale and Ardith are truly incredible. When you work with Ardith you will feel like you are the most important person to her. She will tailor your program for your needs and has a genuine passion for others' personal growth. Working with Dale has given me the desire and drive to be the best teacher possible. He is engaged, gentle, funny, caring and his focus on the emotion in learning is what makes him truly unique.

Dr. Dale Lonis has inspired and educated thousands of young musicians and music educators with his extensive knowledge, breadth of experience, considerable skill and most importantly, his warmth and humanity. His love and passion for music is reflected in the faces of all who work with Dr. Lonis. It is impossible to leave a rehearsal, workshop or performance he has led without feeling a greater connection to the music and to your fellow musicians.  

Dourg MacAulay, BC

Director, West Vancouver North

Janine Waines, Saskatchewan

Music Teacher

Awesome week – thanks so much. The Seneca Lake Workshop is a wonderful tool for any music educator at any level. The information gathered through individual instruction and collaboration with teachers and peers is irreplaceable. What a fantastic growing experience!

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