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Eric Favaro, Nova Scotia

Artscape Consulting

Ardith Haley is a passionate music educator who has demonstrated her ability to transform music curriculum. Through effective professional development sessions for teachers, she has truly made a difference in the delivery of music in schools throughout Nova Scotia, across Canada and beyond.  It is a joy to work with her, and to experience first-hand her positive attitude and deep understanding of the learning, teaching and assessment process. 

Yes. I’ve learned many skills and concepts over the years from Dale that I’ve been continuously implementing in my rehearsals, and they’re having a consistently positive affect on their tone quality, intonation, listening skills, style interpretations, blend, balance, articulations. . . the list goes on.

Pam Paddock, Nova Scotia

Coordinator, Dartmouth

Lara Fawthrop, Nova Scotia

Music Teacher

Dr. Lonis could hear that while my ensemble sang with good technique, their performance could have been more expressive. His strategy and emphasis on the text and mood changes has stuck with us. Dr. Lonis changed our energy level in performance and left us with deeper connections to each other because of this interactive approach.

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