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    Warm-up 10 Premise Review (Create Your Own Value and Transfer)

On-going Relevant Premises


Creating Intent (click for details)

  1. Every Note has a Purpose (Intent)—The Soft Kitty Conundrum. pg.1

  2. Blend pg. 2


Creating Emotion (click for details)

  1. Combining and Unifying pg. 4


Balance Technique (click for details)

  1. Volume as Intent

  2. Executing Volume

  3. Balancing Volume with Intent

  4. Volume should Never Affect Style

  5. Comfort Zone Development

  6. Interpreting the Four Types of Crescendos

Creating Style (click for details)

  1. Agogic Emphasis as Style

  2. Three Parts to Every Note

  3. Five Basic Styles of Notes


Tone and Tuning Technique (click for details)

  1. Tone In-Tune

  2. 3-Peat Tuning Method

  3. Most humans…


Unifying Tempo Technique (click for details)

  1. In-time - - > On-time


Involving Your Percussion Section (click for details)

  1. Review Percussion Warm-up Tenets and Procedures


Articulation Technique (click for details)

  1. Start with a “T” and then dent the air.

  2. Quick-Twitch and Slow Twitch

  3. Slow Music—Quick Articulation


Breathing Technique (click for details)

  1. Always take a full, in-time breath.

  2. Maintain a steady stream of air.

  3. Fill every beat with sound.

  4. Never, ever, ever, breathe after a long note Unless we all decide to do so. 

 5. Percussionists must learn to breathe together.

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