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   Warm-up 4 Premise Review (Scale Modes)

New Premises for this Exercise


Balance Technique

Comfort Zone Development. We must constantly work to extend our comfort zones up and down from our best notes. Like seeing the mounting stress on a rubber band as it is stretched, the listener can often hear the stress in the sound of the notes as we move beyond our comfort zone. Explaining the difference between range (bottom note to top note) and tessitura (the best range for a voice type or instrument) will help students understand this concept. We must continually work to increase our ability to sound confident and relaxed in all ranges. 


Involving Your Percussion Section

Review Percussion Warm-up Tenets and Procedures. Click here for details.

On-going Relevant Premises


Creating Style (click for details)

  1. Agogic Emphasis as Style


Unifying Tempo Technique (click for details)

  1. In-time ---> On-time


Articulation Technique (click for details)

  1. Start with a “T” and then dent the air.

  2. Quick-Twitch and Slow-Twitch

  3. Slow Music—Quick Articulation


Breathing Technique (click for details)

  1. Always take a full, in-time breath.

  2. Maintain a steady stream of air.

  3. Fill every beat with sound.

  4. Never, ever, ever, breathe after a long note Unless we all decide to do so. 

 5. Percussionists must learn to breathe together.

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