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   Warm-up 6 Premise Review (3 Peat Tune Up)

New Premises for this Exercise


Tone and Tuning Technique

  1. Tone In-Tune. It is critically important for everyone to play in tune with good tone. If this is determined to be a major concern and it is not addressed, then no matter what else happens the ensemble will never sound good.

  2. 3-Peat Tuning Method. We suggest you teach students to tune by performing 3 short notes (Toh Toh Toh) and listening to see if it matches the pitch around them/demonstrated for them. This is opposed to the student simply holding a note while they listen and adjusting the pitch with embouchure or air and not truly adjusting their instrument. The short notes do not give them enough time to do that.

  3. Most humans can hear if a note is flat easier than they can hear if it is sharp. Therefore, advise them that if they are unsure, they should make their instrument longer first and then shorten it slowly until it sounds “in-tune” to them. After they believe they are in tune, you should check it with them to either concur or guide them to better listening. Repetition of this technique of “trust-but-verify” will lead to confident, in-tune playing.   


On-going Relevant Premises


Articulation Technique (click for details)

  1. Start with a “T” and then dent the air. 


Breathing Technique (click for details)

  1. Always take a full, in-time breath.

  2. Maintain a steady stream of air.

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