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   Warm-up 8 Premise Review (Basic Chord Tuning and Balance)

New Premises for this Exercise


Creating Intent

  1. Blend. We define blend as mixing a variety of sounds or colors to create one sound with purpose.  It is like making a chocolate cake. At first you can see the eggs, milk, chocolate, sugar, etc. until you get the mixer and blend it to become one yummy, delicious texture. Musically this would be equivalent to making a trombone sound as close as possible to a cello, or a cello as close as possible to a viola, or a trumpet to sound as close as possible to another trumpet (sorry trumpet players – we know it is hard).


On-going Relevant Premises


Balance Technique (click for details)

  1. Volume as Intent

  2. Balancing Volume with Intent

  3. Volume Should Never Affect Style

  4. Comfort Zone Development


Tone and Tuning Technique (click for details)

  1. Tone In-Tune

  2. 3-Peat Tuning Method

  3. Most Humans…


Involving Your Percussion Section (click for details)

  1. Review Percussion Warm-up Tenets and Procedures


Articulation Technique (click for details)

  1. Start with a “T” and then dent the air.

  2. Slow Music—Quick Articulation


Breathing Technique (click for details)

  1. Always take a full, in-time breath.

  2. Maintain a steady stream of air.

  3. Fill every beat with sound.

  4. Never, ever, ever, breathe after a long note Unless we all decide to do so. 

 5. Percussionists must learn to breathe together.

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