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Joy is an essential element to the creation of an environment that builds and sustains success. Understanding the power of sharing joy creates a foundation for the pursuit of greater success. When we consider those with whom we wish to interact or the people we admire most, this simple trait becomes apparent and important. All too often we find ourselves with our heads down powering through the work we need to accomplish and losing sight of why we chose to do what we do in the first place. We often complete our required tasks only with a sense of relief or by checking off the task-box and then moving on to the next challenge, not finding or sharing the joy in what we have accomplished.


Like so many other elements of success, Music Mentors International believes it is critically important to celebrate the work, accomplishments and the lives of others on a daily basis with laughter, pride, and abandonment. We assist you in rekindling your own child-like sense of joy.

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