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Musical Triage

Musical Triage: Identifying and Addressing Musical Challenges

How do we teach musical independence and give students the requisite skills to develop their ability to listen and respond as they rehearse and perform their music? The first step is for students to master, or better yet, automatize skills and concepts to free their minds to attend to listening and prioritizing. S.T.U.B.B.I.E. Warm-ups for Band 1 provides students with the individual and ensemble skills and concepts they require to become independent learners. It will challenge them cognitively and creatively while automatizing the physical skills to develop a foundation for excellence.

Musical Triage is based on the concept of medical triage where you identify and prioritize the most serious concerns first. Teach students to

  1. listen individually and consider their own issues to determine if they are doing what is required regarding style, pitch, time, intent, etc.

  2. listen within their sections to determine if they are together regarding style, tone, time, blend, balance, etc.

  3. listen to the entire ensemble to identify and prioritize the most serious concerns

Ask students to share their thoughts instead of you telling them what needs to be fixed. When they engage in addressing these issues themselves, you will no longer be the hardest working person in the room.

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