Pre-Publication Discounts

Emily MacDonald, MMI Sales and Promotions, is pleased to offer savings for all orders. Save up to 20%! For further information about the resources contact Emily at

      Apply the appropriate coupon code at the final check-out:

# of Posters Purchased   % Discount            Coupon Code

       1-2 Posters                10 %             Emily's Discount 1P

       3-4 Posters                12.5%           Emily's Discount 2P

       5-6 Posters                15%              Emily's Discount 3P

       7-8 Posters                17.5%           Emily's Discount 4P

       9+  Posters                20%              Emily's Discount 5P

Note: Currently, it is not possible for customers to apply more than one coupon at a time in Wix Stores. If you wish to buy a poster(s) and a book(s), please create two separate orders to receive your discounts. Emily would also be pleased to create your order for you. Just email her! Payment is in USD. Thank you.