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This E-file study guide has been prepared to lend ideas for how you can best utilize the information in the resource for music education and conducting classes. In the hands of a skilled professor the resource can become a powerful source of information to provide learners with information about how to prepare to be successful teachers and music directors. The study guide will assist professors in creating learner-centred discussions to develop deeper understanding through collaboration and reflection. This allows learners to benefit from the power of a cohort model in a process that maximizes their individual best learning strategies.

This study guide addresses each article within the resource. Whether it is being used in a classroom situation with many students or in a private studio, the prompts for discussion offer insight into value-added comprehension and application. You may also wish to use the questions at the end of the Resource for discussion prompts for you and your students. Please note, in the spirit of extending the learner-centred model, some questions will call upon the learners to bring previous knowledge and experiences into the discussion. This is essential to engage and inspire learners to reach for the highest level of understanding – value and transfer.

Study Guide For University Professors

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