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The second book of the S.T.U.B.B.I.E. warm-up series carries on with the “sound before symbol” approach to warming up. The book guides students through a dozen exercises, developing skills leading to autonomy as well as developing concepts that are readily transferable to the repertoire being rehearsed. The goal is to encourage students to take ownership of the learning process. Once you, (the teacher) choose to fix notes and rhythms during warm-up and rehearsal, you send a clear message to students that doing anything outside the rehearsal setting is unnecessary. By providing students with the skills they require to be successful while inspiring them to be more involved in understanding the concepts and intent of the music, they are empowered to reach a higher level of performance.

S.T.U.B.B.I.E. Warm-ups for Band 2 Sound Before Symbol

    • Exercises have been designed for multiple experience levels - beginners, players with 1- 2 years experience, and players with 2+ years experience. These also work well for advanced players to “unify” their approach to fundamentals (particularly if they have come from a variety of feeder programs).
    • Created to be supportive of any method book currently in use by addressing issues that traditionally are not emphasized
    • Utilizes both Spiral Curriculum and Mastery Learning methodologies, building not only from one exercise to the next, but returning to the fundamental in later exercises adding new twists to them once the students have mastered the basics
    • By using STUBBIE sound before symbol warm-ups in the rehearsal room students learn to make great sound with good air and tonguing technique more quickly allowing them to be more successful playing on their own at home (i.e. - perhaps they will take their instruments home)
    • E-book and Print book formats provided
    • On-line support and video examples
    • Posters illustrating concepts available
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