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Seneca Lake Rehearsal Workshop, July 23-29, 2017

Please email to let us know about your interest in attending this workshop.We have an update we would like to share with you.
Proposed Daily Schedule

July 23

  • check-in between 4-6 PM

  • Dinner on own

  • Course overview and social

July 24, 25

  • Morning, afternoon, and evening sessions including: Philosophy/Psychology;            Cognitive/Affective Mapping;  Cadences; Pedagogical           Mapping; Icons; Score Mapping; Building Culture; Focus groups; Rehearsal Pedagogy; Individual Sessions 


July 26

  • Morning: Student-centred learning

  • Afternoon and evening free to explore the local area

July 27, 28

  • Morning, afternoon, and evening sessions including: Advocacy; Individual Sessions; Rehearsal Pedagogy

July 29

  • Morning: Review and wrap-up

Why You Should Join Us!

We focus on your needs:

  • Although conducting is important - - rehearsal/teaching skills are ESSENTIAL! Be a better teacher - not just better with a baton.

  • Every workshop includes the tenets of music as a means to promote social justice and the integration of culturally responsive pedagogy in your practice.

  • We talk to you about YOUR NEEDS and create a highly personalized experience just for you.

  • Our cohort model of instruction utilizes the experiences and talents each participant brings to the workshop.

  • Your workshop will include individual lessons, think-tank opportunities, and rehearsal pedagogy sessions. Topics include conducting, rehearsal approach, curriculum development, selecting repertoire, community building, preparing your ensemble for festival, and other topics participants bring to the week.

Related Information
  • Workshop will take place at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, NY

  • Nearest airport is Greater Rochester International Airport. Participants to arrange own transport from the airport to Geneva (approx.1 hour drive).

  • 4 hour drive from Toronto; 6 hour from Montreal

  • Participants may choose to make their own housing and meal arrangements or elect to stay on campus.

  • To reserve a spot, early registration is strongly encouraged. 

Certificate Program

Consider enrolling in our 3-year Certificate Program.

  • MMI Team Leader, Presenter, or Researcher - If selected for this stream attendees will be eligible to become part of our MMI Team of Professionals.

  • MMI Certified Mentors, Coaches, Clinicians, and Adjudicators can promote themselves as having reached a level of excellence and be available to make significant contributions to the profession.

Fee Schedule


Registration Fee                    $ 150

Session Fee                         $ 600

Total Fee                             $ 750

(USD or CDN, pending citizenship)

RESIDENT FEE (choose 1)

1. On Campus Resident Fee   $ 500

    (housing, meals, insurance,                receptions)                      


2. Off-Campus Resident Fee   $ 200

    (lunches, insurance, receptions)

(USD Dollars)


  • Registration Fee due within 2 weeks of registering

  • Final balance due July 23

Cheque or money order payable to:

Music Mentors International
c/o Ardith Haley

1867 White Rock Road

Wolfville, NS B4P 2R1  Canada

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