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Steve Hartlen, Nova Scotia

Music Teacher

Spectacular teaching! The Seneca Lake workshop has informed my teaching and given me the tools, information, concepts, and skills that will enable me to take myself and my musicians from good to great. Dale, Ardith, Fraser, and Darrin are absolutely fantastic. Approachable and down to earth but full of wisdom and insight. It’s not often you leave a workshop feeling like the teachers have become your friends. You are awesome! 

I have had the opportunity to work with Ardith Haley for many years and I always find her workshops to be engaging and inclusive.  She takes a piece of music and makes emotional connections to the world, making the process more meaningful to the students. 

Noelle Wadden, N.S.

Music Teacher

Brian Uzick, Alberta

Fine Arts Curriculum Leader

I have had the opportunity to adjudicate with Dale Lonis and also to have him as a clinician for my bands. I have watched him help bands to go from playing notes and rhythms to making music! He is able to teach musical concepts and thought processes in an enthusiastic, energetic and humorous manner.   

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