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What Is S.T.U.B.B.I.E.?


S.T.U.B.B.I.E. is a mnemonic device representing basic skills and concepts that are essential for individual and ensemble members to develop. If these are mastered and moved to automaticity, young musicians can reach higher levels of performance and musical understanding much quicker.

Critically important to the successful implementation of this methodology is to teach students what the letters of S.T.U.B.B.I.E. represent. This serves two purposes. First, it gives you and your students a succinct, short-hand language to use when considering or discussing issues they are experiencing or hearing around them. The second purpose, which is equally as important, gives students a chunking method to reduce the number of possible issues that are impeding them, their section, and/or the ensemble from sounding great. Integrating the use of the S.T.U.B.B.I.E. language when referring to the matters at hand facilitates students’ ability to prioritize the solution.

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