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Creating Style
Agogic Emphasis as Style

The concept of strong and weak beats is important in creating music style. Traditionally, in 4/4 time the strong beat is beat one with a secondary emphasis on beat three. By placing weight on various notes in a phrase, the understanding of the musical intent is far more satisfying. Further, by placing weight on beats for musical purpose, tempi are far more stable. If no emphasis is given in an organized pattern, the tempo will often speed up or slow down depending on the complexity of the music at that moment. 

Three Parts to Every Note

Each note has three parts—beginning, middle, and end. This should be introduced to students in relation to the term TOH and the use of font size. For the visuals to explain the three parts of the note see Unifying the Five Basic Note Styles on page by clicking here.

Five Basic Styles of Notes

For the visuals of how to execute these five basic styles of notes see Unifying the Five Basic Note Styles by clicking here.

Special Effects 

For the visuals of how to execute fp, sfz and the breath accent release click here.

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