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MMI Workshops

Virtual and In-person Experiences!

Choose from a variety of Workshops!



  • Cohort model of instruction

  • Private lessons, collaborative sessions

  • Personal philosophy development

  • Psychological foundations

  • Developing a greater sense of artistry

  • Rehearsal pedagogy and score prep

  • Conducting Technique

  • Podium experiences (virtual/in-person); individual review

  • Advocacy

  • Assessment

  • Sight-reading strategies

  • Repertoire selection

  • Masters Degree Credits


1. Virtual and In-person                    Rehearsal Pedagogy                    Workshops focus on the              complete teacher

Contact us to express your interest!

2. Student Leadership Workshops

  • Secondary Students: Whose Program Is It?

    • Interactive sessions that help create a culture of success through student leaders

    • Engages students in leading the success of your program

    • Challenges students to take responsibility and collaborate for the common good

  • University Students Build Your Tools!

    • Personal teaching philosophy

    • Psychological foundations

    • Rehearsal pedagogy

    • Personal sense of artistry

    • Advanced score preparation

    • Repertoire development

    • Conducting Technique

    • Assessment


3. Customized MMI Workshops

    Location TBD by you

    Dates of your choosing

Would you like to host a workshop in your location?

Invite us to create a 1, 2, or 3-day workshop for you and your colleagues.

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