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Meet Our Team

Senior Advisors (click name to learn more)


Senior Choral Clinician


Organizational Strategist


On Personal Leave.

Direct any inquiries to Ardith or Dale


Luis Bonilla

If ever an artist could be called an octopus, Luis Bonilla is it. The California 

Reggie Thomas

Reginald Thomas can be seen fronting his own groups (Mardra/Reggie  

Dick Oatts

Born and raised in the state of Iowa, Dick Oatts was brought up in a  

Erica von Kleist

Erica von Kleist is a renowned flautist, saxophonist, composer 

Instrumental Consultants

Jason Caslor

Dr. Jason Caslor was appointed  Director of Bands at Arizona State University in 2019. 

Ram Oren

Ram Oren has been Associate Principal Trumpet with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (I.P.O.) since


John Phillips

John Phillips is an instrumental music consultant for MMI. He brings his unique experiences in 

Business & Marketing 

Kelly Brown Lonis

Business Development & Sales

An experienced senior executive with a record for proven results, Kelly 

Christina Holgate

Media, Promotion, and Sales

Christina Holgate brings a variety of experiences and great passion to all that 

Tricia Howe

Publishing Consultant

Tricia Howe began her career in the music industry in the Manitoba  

Emily MacDonald

Promotion & Sales

Emily MacDonald is a recent graduate of Acadia University's 

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