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A fundamental truth that we embrace is that no one can learn when they are afraid. We have all heard of the "fight or flight” response to conflict. We at Music Mentors International (MMI) offer concrete ways to remove the fear from the classroom. Our methods are based on the best principles of social justice and the premise that knowledge builds respect. By learning all you can about each person with whom you interact and the way they learn, you can create an environment of mutual respect.


Respect builds trust.  Not only respect each person with whom you work and their abilities, skills, interests, and fears, but demonstrate this respect. If you do so they will, in turn, have greater respect for you and what you are offering them.


Finally, strong communication sustains trust. By building upon strong models for communication, you build trust and respect which then leads to success. MMI explores the inhibitors of trust as well as the key essentials for establishing trust as a basis for all we do.

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